Long-term Solutions to Accelerated Global Warming

At right, below "What is a Wedge?," are links to three proposed solutions to our climate emergency, the top being my low-tech and conservation-oriented plan, the next being a tech-heavy plan of a prominent scientist/politician, and the third being the inept Obama Energy Plan. If technology-dependent plans are adopted, by the time it becomes painfully obvious that they won't work, that will be too late. I feel that solutions relying heavily on technology will allow our excessively consumptive ways to carry on, and therefore are doomed to failure because we cannot continue forever on a path of endless growth on a finite planet. Most of the posts on this site explain my ideas in further detail. I think the best solution is right here: Relocalization, not Militarization.

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06 December 2009

Canada Worse than US?

Here is an article on how the tar sands industry is killing Canada, in many ways:


24 November 2009

One Simple Copenhagen Action

Sorry for the long absence to any of you who kept checking for updates.

Here is a simple thing to do, sign and send a letter to 198 delegates to the climate talks in Copenhagen, compliments of Climate Ark, asking them to do away with any language that allows old forests to be cut and replanted to plantations in any sort of REDD or carbon scheme.

If you are a Facebook or other social network user, please share this action far and wide.


13 October 2009

Watch This Video

My apologies for the tardiness in posting this, but do have a look at Laurie Williams and Allan Zabel's video:


27 July 2009

Fertile Crescent 'will disappear this century'

So on the heels of that last post, I discovered this article. And it seems so appropriate to link to it here given what I just shared. The Cradle of Civilization will be uninhabitable by 2100. The irony of this is that it may also correlate to the collapse of civilization itself. As one of my favorite authors, Derrick Jensen, states, "Forests precede us and deserts dog our heels." If there is not a massive worldwide grassroots effort to gently dismantle all these unsustainable human systems, collapse is inevitable, and if the climate scientists are right, it'll be happening this century.

No more beating around the bush on this blog.

If I ever choose to make time for it, I'll be updating some of my early posts with regards to "solutions." Since most of what I proposed will never be accepted by the politicians, and much of that was already compromising on my part, I may as well propose (and clearly explain) solutions that I truly believe in.

Will that be an effective use of my time? Probably not, but it may help me further clarify my position, which will make it easier to discuss all this when the opportunity presents itself. And will expanding a few minds prevent climate catastrophe? Very likely not. But it is a relatively easy task amidst the millions we need, and we may as well do all we can.